The first time of flying to the US

The airplane was landing on JFK, and both Patrick and I were getting more nervous by every second.

Is everything gonna be OK? Will they let us in the USA? Will they allow us to bring the camping food? Is our ESTA application correct? Is this trip for real? These and a lots of similar questions were storming through our heads, while standing in the line to finally be ready for passport control. The Asian couple that got checked just before us did not speak much English, so when we got there the officer was happy to be able to talk to people and not having to repeat everything for 10 times. We heard so many stories about being interrogated about everything, so I was a little disappointed when he only took our fingerprints and told us: Welcome to the city that never sleeps!

When we finally got out of the airport it was already 10 pm ( 3am in Denmark), we were hungry, exhausted and had no idea how to get to our Airbnb from JFK. Anyways, we soon figured, that people in the United States are very helpful in general, and we quickly found an airport employee that guided us to the bus we needed. I have to be honest, my first impression of NYC was everything, but good. The bus was very old, full with suspicious looking people, but we got a free ride. Little bit over 40 minutes, we arrived to the destination, our first Airnbnb accommodation.

First Airbnb experience

It was almost midnight when we arrived, and to be honest, we were bit nervous about getting into the flat. Luckily, the Airbnb host was very helpful and informative, she left the key in the postbox and we got in without any further complication. Entering the flat was full of impressions, the lady was kind and helpful, but the husband…well, he is one of his kind 🙂 The room was so tiny we literally needed to squeeze the backpacks through the door. The ‘beds’ were two inflatable madrases, which is apparently standard in NYC. Not to mention, we paid 1400,- dkk for 4 nights. Yay! Anyways, the frustration does not really help anything or anyone, so we took a shower and went to sleep.

The first time in NYC

The next day we got up around 8 o’clock, and shortly after we were already walking the streets of Queens. We had so many things that needed to be taken care of – but first of all, we needed a SIM card, so we would not have to pay a fortune for using our Danish phones. After that, we were looking for breakfast, but could not find anything that was not donut, burger or bagel. Before leaving Denmark, we promised ourselves that we’d avoid this kind of food. So we did not eat anything…

After getting the US sim card to work, we decided to go and do some sightseeing. The first stop was Times Square – quite a sight! And then we were walking, and walking and walking around, when we finally ended up at the Empire State Building. As a courtesy of our dearest friends, Amanda and Morten we had a New York City Pass, that let us see and enter most of the landmarks and museums that’s worth seeing in NYC. So we decided to go in and check out the ESB, luckily there wasn’t a long queue and we were up in the observatory in about 30 minutes. The view was fantastic, I only wish my eyes could capture photographs. Well, at least my iPhone and Canon do make pictures, so I ended up with some nice shots. After that, we got to know that we have one more entrance to the Empire State Building, after 10 p.m., but we needed to use it on the same day. It was very appealling to see the evening lights of this stunning city.

But remember?? We still did not have anything to eat, and we were getting dizzy because of starving. We decided to go to TGI Fridays, since we had good experience with them in Oslo. That was a mistake…We ended up paying 60 dollars (380dkk) for two not so great burgers. Since we are on a very tight budget, that was an immediate scar on our confidence. However,  I did not mention that I have the best friends in the world. My Cila (Tünde) decided to sponsor our trip with a dinner every month, free of choice. So the TGI Fridays bill was covered by her…

On this day, we ended up walking 36 kilometres, no need to say, I could not lift my feet when we got home.

The jetlag kicked in the second day, we got up late and after a very short tour to the Central Park and Guggenheim Museum, we decided to go home and eat some decent food. Well, by decent we mean some sandwiches and apples that we purchased in the nearest grocery store. We bought some Jell-O-s, that we never tried before…well, there are certain things that shouldn’t be tasted. For funny facial expressions, see the NY blog here on the site.


The third day was nice, we were nearly used to the time change. Our plan was to visit the Intrepid Museum and take a cruise around Manhattan, and finally see her, the Statue of Liberty. After that, I really wanted to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, so we walked nearly two hours but never got there. We were passing through so many famous boroughs, like Broadway, Little Italy, Chinatown and Soho. It’s amazing how one street or neighbourhood can mirror an entirely different culture, than the one before…I believe, that was the highlight for me in New York. We never got to Brooklyn Bridge though, we got lost and decided to eat some Chinese food and go home.

The next day , which was the last day in NYC was raining and cold, so we decided to go to the airport and work on our stuff -pictures, videos, this blog, etc.

We had an onward flight to Denver, but we had no idea where would we sleep when we arrive. But this is gonna be another story…


So, there you go – the first blog entry of our trip! Come back for more stories, or if you don’t like to read boring stories, then follow us on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram for photos and videos!