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On the way to Denver…

As I mentioned in the earlier entry, we were almost on the way to Denver, and still had no clue about where we were gonna spend the night. I can’t remember exactly when the notification appeared from Couchsurfing  on my cellphone, saying that Vanessa is offering us a room to stay at her house. ( If you don’t know what Couchsurfing is, check it out:

Anyways, back to Vanessa…She offered us to stay at her house, sent us pictures about the sleeping arrangements and gave instructions how to get to their place from the airport. She seemed so nice in the messages, I could not believe my eyes. We arrived to Denver after a very bumpy flight, got the little rental car and started to make our way to Vanessa’s house. At this point, I kept thinking about how everything worked out in the last minute with Vanessa coming in the picture. We have never couchsurfed before (even though I am member since 2008), but we didn’t have big expectations, anything would be  good for us, as long as we have a roof over our head.

In Denver

So we were about to arrive to  Vanessa’s house around midnight, and to be honest, I was a bit anxious whether we can still get in – but she waited up for us, the complete strangers from Europe. What happened after that, its almost indescribable – I believe we met some of the nicest and most genuine people from this trip. She stood smiling in the doorstep, hugged us before letting
us in and then she showed us our room. The room was nearly as big as our flat in Denmark, with private bathroom and fresh towels – and all this for free. She offered  us some food too, but we were so tired after the flight and the ongoing jet flag, we went to bed and did not wake until next morning.

I woke up fairly early, there is a thing with me at new places, I can’t sleep long, even if I want too. So took a quick shower and went upstairs for a glass of water. This is when I first met Vanessa’s husband and her cute, little son, Azuhl. They were just as amazing as Vanessa, friendly, talkative and sooooo kind.

Later on the day we had a nice walk to get some food and camera supplies, visited  the Sloans Lake and had a very relaxing day. Our hosts invited us for dinner; since Vanessa is a Mexican girl, she made us some real tacos, never tasted anything like before.  The next day we went to explore the area, and I have to admit, Denver was way beyond our expectations. It’s a very clean city, friendly people and a lot of good hikes. We were very please with the choice of having Colorado as the first destination after New York. We ended up staying at Vanessa and Davis’s house for 4 nights, and we’ll certainly return at the end of May for a few more nights.

We arrived to Denver as absolute strangers, and departed as having friends. I believe that must be one of the biggest advantages of budget travel, it enables you to walk the extra mile with guaranteed reward, that can’t be purchased with money.