Rocky Mountains

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Rocky Mountains National Park

After a super delicious Mexican breakfast(can’t spell the name of it), that our CS hostess made for us , we are about to leave Denver to explore the rest of the area. Our first stop in the itinerary was the Rocky Mountains National Park, which I was very excited and happy for. For some reason, just the thought of the mountains cheers me up, for me there is no better feeling when you stand upon the peak and look down to the eternal depth.

We arrived early afternoon and decided to find a cheap place to stay, which was a rather difficult task. Estes Park, one of the valleys of the Rocky Mountains is a popular destination for outdoorsy and ski-enthusiastic people, therefore it isn’t cheap. After discussing what should we do, we agreed to book a room in one of the inns, for 400 dkk. We were not happy to pay so much money for only one night, but did not really have a choice. The campgrounds in the national park are only opening after Memorial Day, and the rest of the motels were much more expensive. After we got our room, we went for a little walk in the little town, and just enjoyed the fresh air and the company of the friendly Coloradan people.We went to a little outdoor bar at the feet of the mountains, got some local beer and listened on live country music, these are the moments I like to call perfect.

I am so surprised how kind and talkative the people are here, and in secret I started to call Colorado as the American Switzerland. Switzerland is my favourite country, and Colorado is just like it, except the language. There are mountains, micro-breweries, good food and sporty people with a big love and respect for the nature. I bet there are many more good characteristics to the both places, but these few I am amazed of.

The rest of the evening passed by smoothly, we had some field meal ( vacuum packed camping food) for dinner, and went to bed after editing the pictures and videos.

The next day we wanted to go for a hike in to see the peaks a bit closer. First we drove up all the way up to the Trail Ridge Road (3713 m), and had a spectacular view of the Rockies. They say the the Ridge Road is the highest continuous motorway in the US, and we can guarantee you, it is breathtaking. We enjoyed the view for a while and then drove the trailhead, where we wanted to hike from. It was the the Bear Lake Trailhead (no bears at all), from where we hiked about 3 hours, saw a little waterfall, called Alberta Falls.

For lunch we had some of the delicious field meal, cooked with the little Primus Lite stove, needless to say it is one of our most precious gear. We can cook coffee, eggs, rice, canned beans and a lot of other things in it, and so we can keep the food expenses down, even on the go.

After we returned from the hike, we decided to spend another night in Estes Park, and luckily we found a room for the same rate as the day before. Again, 60 dollars are a lot of money for only one night, but if we did not want to sleep in the car by the road, that was the only possibility.

For the next day, we planned to finally get to the Yellowstone National Park, which was Patrick’s biggest wish so far.

I say bye for now, if you want more stories come back tomorrow to read about a bit more exciting and colourful adventures from the Yellowstone.