Grand Teton National Park

After 5 nights spent in the Yellowstone National Park, we decided to leave the camp and seek for new adventures. This was mainly because we could not do more hiking – most of the trails were still closed or the bear management was to frequent.

So, we hit the road and drove through the Grand Teton National Park. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park are connected, and it is a breathtaking experience to drive through them. You might think we got enough of the mountains at that time? Well, we did not, we bot were sitting in the car with dropped jaws, and we could not stop saying wow. It was around noon when we arrived to the feet of the Grand Tetons, and since we could not think a place any better for lunch, we fired up the little Primus, and ate our last field meal (yay)!

Idaho Falls

We arrived to Idaho Falls just before dinnertime and were trying to find a Couchsurfing host, without any luck. I should not forget to mention that we did not shower for 5 days at this time (yikes), so we ended up in a camping site again. Luckily this was a luxury camping ground with shower and laundry, so we could get rid off the dirt and smoke from Yellowstone, and could finally wash our clothes. After a day well spent, we grilled marshmallows, you can see it in Patrick vlog( Around 10 pm we got a message from a couch surfer host, that he’d be happy to have us for the night. Unfortunately it was too late, we already had our tent up and clothes in the washers, so we politely said no to his offer. I was a little bit sad to miss an opportunity to meet a local, but sometimes that’s how it is.

Salt Lake City

We arrived around noon, so we quickly started to hunt for a place to sleep. We did not have luck with couch surfing, so tried Airbnb. For 300,- dkk we found an excellent Airbnb with private bathroom, kingsize bed and a mini-fridge in the room. It was really worth the money, and we were so haaappy to finally be able to sleep in a bed. We wanted to splurge  after fasting the national parks, so we headed to Walmart and bought two huge slices of beef, and had a steak-night (nom-nom-nom). The rest of the day we spent with editing and doing administrative things, so we could share our adventures with you.

Zion National Park

Yellowstone 20160521IMG_6578

The next day we were driving to Zion National Park, which the first national park in Utah. We arrived to a place that was entirely new for me. Before coming to the US, I did not even know it existed, we only put it in our itinerary because the girls from the East Coast recommended it. Well, we do not regret listening to their advice.

Since we arrived late, we were trying to find an accommodation for the night. No luck with couchsurfing, no luck with campgrounds, no luck with Airbnb, so the last option was If its a same – day booking, you can find some good last-minute deals with them. We found a motel for 45$, which is like 300,- dkk – not having other possibilities, we took it. It was the nastiest hotel/motel I ever been to – with my ‘experienced’ housekeeper eyes, I quickly found all the spots that were beyond acceptable. But, we already paid, and the city was fully booked, so could not do anything, but stay.

In the morning we drove to the park, which is relatively small, especially if you compare it to the size of the Yellowstone. This was the first time I saw cactus growing in the wild, and not in the flowerpot 😀 It was a good day, with lots of laughters and fun.

At this point we already drove around 2000 kilometers since we left Denver, and the next destination was Las Vegas. After a shorter discussion, we agreed to drive to Las Vegas for the night, since we have already seen  enough of Zion.


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