grand canyon

Las Vegas20160522IMG_6624-2

Sorry for the quality of the picture, but neither my camera nor the objective behaved well in the circumstances.

We had a ‘gourmet’ lunch in that car, before we set our Google Maps towards Las Vegas. Those days our lunch was nothing more than a 1 dollar baguette with salted butter and turkey breast – but hey, the most important is to keep our daily budget. Anyways, we were on the road 15, slowly approaching the ‘Sin’- City. Call me boring, but I wasn’t fascinated by the city at all. However, we agreed that it would stupid to be so close and not to visit.

We arrived in the early afternoon, and the same story again. ACCCOOOMMODATION! At that point I did not care if were gonna pay 1000 dollars, I just needed a restroom, because my bladder was close to explode after I drank 5 litres water on the road. At last, we found a hotel which compared to the price range of the city was offering an OK rate. Yeah, Las Vegas was the first place where we spent our entire daily budget on  a hotel, which is 100 dollars.

We were exhausted of the heat, it was a dramatic change from Yellowstone minuses to Nevada’s 30 degrees. We were hesitating about driving to the STRIP or taking an Uber. Google, as always, helped us out, we figured we can park for free in one the biggest casinos parking house, so driving it was. The Strip is something you can’t imagine, it’s indescribable –  Patrick said that its like Tivoli, just 15 times bigger. Well, I don’t think I have ever seen an elderly lady kicking a slot-machine in Tivoli, but that was first sight when we entered one of the casinos in Las Vegas. We played 3 dollars, just to be part of the gambling world of the Sin-city. When we had enough of the noise, and the sight of the playmates, gold diggers, rich elders, bodyguards, brides and grooms, and who knows who else, we headed home.

Just before we left the casino, we checked the prices of a hotel room on the Strip, and we sadly found out that we could have had a room for the same price, that we paid for ours, which was 6 km away. So if you ever go to las Vegas, don’t check for hotels, the big hotels are not cooperating with them. Instead try to google all the big casinos and hotels, and you’ll find some decent deals for sure.

The rest of the evening went by with a coffee and  discussion of the trip so far.

 Grand Canyon National Park

grand canyon

From Las Vegas we headed to Grand Canyon, to one of the seven wonders of the modern world ( we did not know before). It took us 4 hours to get there, and finally we were lucky and found a campground that had free tent-site. It was located in the Grand Canyon Village, and had an okay price. We set up the tent, and started to cook our delicious rice, yummie 🙂  At this point we’ve been travelling for more than 3 weeks, and did not have any kind of alcoholic drink, so we decided to splurge on some beers, Patrick got Budweiser and I got a Budweiser Light, of course. We were very overtired, so wanted to sleep early. We had our drinks, had an evening walk and started a fire, it was a cozy evening.

After 9pm 3 guys from the neighbouring tent joined us for the fire, since they did not have any fire-ring to start their own, we ended having more drinks (beers and Jim Beam), walk around the campground, and our plan to sleep early was forgotten. The guys were freshly graduated med-students from West Virginia, and we got easily along.

The next day we visited the Grand Canyon, and trust me it is GRAND. We were on the road for 3 weeks already, but the nature in the US did not seize to amaze us. The Grand Canyon is so beautiful, that you can’t find words for it. We promised ourselves, that we will return at some point and hike down to the bottom, to see the canyon in its full.

Both Patrick and I are started to be annoyed on our camera- gear, none of us have a full-frame lense, so the landscape pictures do not turn out as we wish. Furthermore, for the vlogs Patrick needs a Gopro and a zoom-lense, in order to shoot some amazing underwater or extreme footage – that madeus to be a bit disappointed, since we can’t afford to purchase anything pricy during our trip. However, we enjoyed Grand Canyon a lot, and we know we will return!

Thank you for reading about our adventures, and come back soon for Arches National Park and Moab stories!