My name is Ildikó, I am a 25 years old, a hungarian girl from Transylvania. I come from a relatively small town, where I was raised and lived until the end of high school. My best friend and I were playing rebels and decided to leave our homecountry and study marketing at a Danish university. At that time I was not aware of what I signed up for, and to be honest it took me 2 years, before I finally realized, I am at the right place and our ”crazy” decision played out well.

The first years in Denmark were difficult; I struggled with language limitatitions, financial problems, boyfriend-dramas and most importantly, I missed my siblings. However, the time quickly passed by, and it is now 7 years since we got on the bus and left Transylvania for good.
During the 7 years I studied Marketing and Business (bachelors-degree), Multimedia (academic degree), worked in a hotel for 5 consecutive years, worked as a marketing assistant at industrial firm, learned to speak Danish, had an internship in London, met Patrick, started to fall in love with photography, and the last but not the least, I met hundreds of people from all over the world. Meeting and becoming friends with people from different parts of the world started to make us longing to travel and see more, and the yearly 2 weeks wasn’t enough anymore.

In 2015, after graduating from multimedia, I was unemployed for a little less than a year. This ’quiet’ period helped to realize, if we want to travel, there wont be a better chance. So, we started to spare up all the extra crowns we could, booked a one-way ticket to New York, rented our apartment and left Denmark in the beginning of May.
Today is the 50th day since we left, and despite of all the difficulties, we are still high on wanderlust.