My name is Patrick, and I am 25 years old. I was born in Switzerland, but moved to Denmark, after my parents got divorced. I grew up in Nyborg, a mid-size city near Odense, played football for 8 years and guitar for another 4 years.
I moved to Kolding 5 years ago for studies, and lived there ever since. Just like Ildikó, I studied multimedia, therefore the common interest in producing media and content.

After my multimedia studies, I decided to join the military for the basic training in the telegraph regiment, which took 4 months. I figured that the 4 months in the military was not enough, so joined again, this time for 9 months and more serious military education. The education ended in the beginning of 2016, just before we left to travel.

I love everything about cameras and videography, and thats why I decided to created daily log during the trip in North America.
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